The Action Plan

The Solution and Resolution



United Sovereign Americans has banded together to return the country to the rule of law and government by consent, beginning with the following steps:

Teach everyone simple election validity law.

The public, officials, representatives, lawyers—we all need to understand what constitutes a legally valid federal election. As Thomas Paine famously wrote, “In America, the LAW is King.” An election that varies from the law is invalid. Liberty is the fruit of dedication to the law.

The United Sovereign Americans Resolution is a citizen-to-citizen educational document designed to be used at the town board level and up. Giving everyone a simple, eloquent, all-inclusive way to express legally grounded concerns about election validity is energizing. It opens the way for discussions with board members of other towns, party officials, business owners, attorneys, and more. Our volunteers have already presented over 50 hours of election validity education to representatives by making use of the three minute public comment period at town board meetings. Many towns have signed on supporting a formal audit of the voting system, with a clear understanding of need and objective. We are moving the needle!

Please read “The United Sovereign Americans Resolution is The Solution: The Eight Paragraphs that will Save America,” for a full review of this document and its relevance.

Turn findings into evidence.

Across America the most extraordinary election investigations have been launched by volunteers who love freedom. These real American heroes got busy understanding the problems with our voting systems and finding solutions, when officials paid with our tax dollars ignored their cries. This labor of devotion must be gathered, and the work polished to meet the standard of evidence in court. We will help you and train you to create valid claims under the law, and hold election officials directly responsible for misconduct.

The first step, working together to build a Resolution document with peer-reviewed claims for your state, creates endless opportunities for grassroots citizen advocacy. We want valid elections that obey the law. We will also insist, via an educated citizenry, that candidates in 2024 include this message in their platform.

Force election officials to obey the law.

Unfortunately, election officials across America have displayed apathy, disdain, and disregard for the law, and the civil rights of the people they are hired to serve. This has resulted in the certification of elections that varied from the law. Some of these elections were grossly inaccurate. Whether it was incompetence or malfeasance, those who broke the law must be held accountable. Accurate, legally valid elections secure government by consent. United Sovereign Americans intends to help citizen investigators access the courts and enforce the law, everywhere the evidence rises to the level of a valid legal claim.