Our Resolution is The Solution

Eight Paragraphs that will Save America


The United Sovereign Americans Resolution


The American public is increasingly ill at ease about the breakdown of the Rule of Law. The concerns point in almost all directions. The Rule of Law in the United States is founded upon the Constitution, our guaranteed rights, and the sacred principle that our government reports to the people and the people do not report to the government. The feeling things are amiss arises from valid questions about whether our democratic process is working to serve the will of the people. Polling shows that the majority of people believe something is wrong with the process, and the system is no longer fair or honest.At United Sovereign Americans, we will restore confidence that our Democratic Republic is under control, return to the notion of public officials being servants to the people, and allow the people to once again believe their voice is being heard through open, fair and honest elections. We are an organization of citizen volunteers working to ensure valid Constitutional elections that are fair, accurate and trustworthy. We also seek to hold citizens, politicians and officials responsible for obeying our election laws.

Our Resolution clarifies in simple terms the voting system we have. Then, state by state, United Sovereign Americans demonstrates how inaccuracy and excuses have replaced the robust oversight process required under the law for the system to deserve our trust. Referencing the Constitution, Supreme Court precedent, the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 and the Help America Vote Act of 2002, we identify the existing critical system controls. Having evidenced the arrogance of party-nominated election officials, in refusing to be accountable to the public for upholding these standards, we demand five immediate remedies

Five immediate remedies: