Our Resolution

Resolution for a Legally Valid 2024 Election

Join Our Effort to Save Our Country

Being American is a big responsibility. A country founded in liberty and conceived in justice is only as durable as its citizens are dedicated. United Sovereign Americans gives all Americans who value our enlightened system a way to engage and unify in protecting it.

Presenting the Resolution for a Legally Valid 2024 Election to your officials is one of those opportunities. Meet some of the most inspiring and dedicated people, be part of a national movement to save our country, forge connections across political boundaries, and unify around the first principle of our founding—the one we all agree on—that we solve our differences fairly at the ballot box.

A simple signed agreement is required to join. All volunteers agree to fulfill our purpose with dignity, treat our public servants respectfully, and stand on the rock of proven facts and laws. We renew peace by acting in peace.

Weekly training is provided via a national call where we share successes, discuss challenges, and review the Resolution and scripts. You don’t have to figure it out on your own. Our process is ready for you to speak on behalf of all those whom you love, and those coming who shall be born into freedom as you were.

In each state, the Resolution is customized to provide an overview of the in accuracies we have uncovered. To read the New York Resolution, click the button below.



Citizens in Action

Watch citizens from across the nation read the United Sovereign Americans “Resolution for a Legally Valid 2024 Election” in their communities.

June 4, 2024

Palm Beach County, Florida

June 3, 2024

Parker, Colorado

May 20, 2024

Aurora, Colorado

May 7, 2024

Lee County, Florida

April 16, 2024

Littleton, Colorado