United Sovereign Americans

Our Work to Date

Incorporated in June 2023, United Sovereign Americans is currently working in

24 states representing

387 Electoral College Votes.


That work includes:

Our litigation process, launched in Maryland on March 6, 2024.

On May 15th Maryland Election Integrity LLC and United Sovereign Americans filed a Notice of Appeal in response to the lower court’s refusal to hear our case based on standing.

By hiding behind the unqualified “standing” argument, Judge Gallagher is refusing to review this evidence and therefore, cast sunlight on truth. The ruling is very obviously flawed. If we don’t have standing to protect the right to vote, what do we have standing for? 150 years of Supreme Court precedent agrees.

The Board of Elections did not deny the allegations of what constitutes a broken election process from beginning to end; instead, they simply refuse to fix it. Their position is that no one can or will make them correct any of the errors. We certainly hope they are wrong, as should every Maryland voter.

Our legal team is currently drafting the necessary documentation to proceed to the United States Court of Appeals for the 4th District and appeal this decision.

Our weekly online federal election law discussion and training program.

Free and open to the public every Tuesday from 7-8:30 pm Eastern time, thousands of citizens from every state in the nation have attended. Visit the Study Sessions page to see our latest recordings, and sign up to Stay Informed and be added to our email list to receive information on how to attend.

Election Validity Scorecards completed for 10 states with 14 more in process.

This work represents thousands of hours, and equates to millions of dollars in programming, analysis, and legal research, and has been done exclusively by volunteers who love this country.

Appearances on national forums and podcasts

Marly Hornik, CEO, and Harry Haury, Chairman, continually appear on national forums and podcasts as a call for the public to become educated and involved in Election Validity.

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